Friday, July 17, 2009

Handmade Graphics Book

Keep and eye out! I have a "Stenciling How To" with pictures!

Book is being released Late Summer/Fall 2009!

Handmade Graphics

by Anna Wray

Get back to basics with Handmade Graphics, which will reinvigorate every graphic designer’s image- making process. Reawaken your dormant “art student,” step away from that computer, get your hands dirty, and start to play!

From pencils to computers, from scissors to paper, from stencils to printers, a vast array of mark-making tools are investigated and manipulated, illustrated with examples and exercises that stretch the limits of conventional usability, reinvent traditional, hand-making methods, and break all the rules along the way. As well as the usual mark-making devices, a range of left-field methods and processes are also explored, employing household materials and found objects, and subverting the correct usage of digital and electronic devices.

So, if you’re a graphic designer looking for inspiration beyond the usual off-the-peg solutions, this ideas-packed handbook offers a comprehensive “toolbox” of low-tech materials, high-tech equipment, old school tools, and subtly subverted methods and processes. After a good dose of hands-on mark-making, take those experiments back to your computer to create eye-catching and unique graphic solutions.

About The Author

Anna Wray studied design at Chelsea College of Art and Goldsmiths. She is the director of Lo-fi Creative and has built up over nine years experience designing for numerous clients ranging from bluechip companies to the music industry.

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