Monday, August 24, 2009

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Amazing Chair!

About the artist: Sander van Heukelom

Sander van Heukelom (1972) already began experimenting with typographic design and graffiti as a teenager.

Although his basic style has not changed much since then, his current work makes use of many different materials, such as styrofoam, plexiglas, synthetic resin and wood.

Sander, who is a graphic designer by profession, draws his inspiration from his extensive travels. After five years spent travelling around the world and teaching kite surfing on several continents, his creativity has taken wing. Sander is now known especially for his three-dimensional typographic sculpture and paintings with spray can and resin.

What he says about his fat cap chair:

The spray can as an implement is taken for granted. Few actually contemplate its details. Precisely this zooming in on the spray can, which revealed the beauty of its cap, inspired me to design this stool.

There is a hidden beauty in the cap of the spray can which is seen to advantage when enlarged. Not only is this stool an expression of a particular lifestyle, it is also an original and utilitarian piece for a home or office interior.

The stool has character through its beautiful forms, borrowed from a simple implement. Its seat is firm but comfortable. Although this stool is light and of a modest size, it is a piece of furniture that stands out and cannot be overlooked. It is made of styrofoam, with a coating layer which cannot crack or tear or wear out. The original design is executed in plain white but it can also be produced in colour or with a pattern.

Its design and the use of unusual materials make this stool an object which can be used as a furnishing in unconventional and trendy surroundings: pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to sit on, very suitable to sit on and reflect, or to sit on around a table to exchange thoughts with others.

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