Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Buddha Shaped Pears – Pears In The Shape Of The Buddha

Gao Xianzhang (an indigenous farmer hailing from the village of Hexia in Northern China) has managed to mould juicy pears into little Buddha figurines. Gao Xianzhang worked six years to perfect his Buddha-Pear-Growing technique and has grown over 10,000 Buddha-shaped baby pears with amazing and inspiring results. The pears are grown in an aerated plastic Buddha mould, each painstakingly attached to baby pears during the growing phase. Many people purchase Gao Xianzhang’s Buddha Pears as soon as they are picked and the mere sight of the Buddha Pears hanging from the trees induce a sense of the surreal and meditative. People believe that the Buddha pears will bring them good luck and have been willing to pay upto US $7 for each pear.

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