Thursday, December 10, 2009

December At Deli * UPDATE* 1/3/10

update: 1/3/10
FOUND!!! (shoved under the Viaduct in Seattle)
Thank you!

info about this here:

the Tyler Durden suitcase is the one that got stolen. please contact me if you have seen it or know who may have it.
(you will get something cool)

Thanks to all who came to my opening at Deli on Decembers First Thursday Artwalk! There was a great turnout with alot of people coming and going!

If your out holiday shopping, stop and and check out the great selection of merchandise Deli has to offer and all my artwork, I have some "new" vintage suitcases with awesome spray painted images on them, in fact....someone liked one enough they broke in to Deli this morning (Thursday Dec 10th) and stole one along with alot of Deli's merchandise.

So, if your reading this and someone you know has a hella' lot of cool new clothing and a spray painted suitcase of mine, be sure to contact Deli here.

If you are the person who took it all and broke in, you have alot of BAD KARMA coming your way! (and maybe an ass kickin')

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  1. WOW. That is just so low & that's terrible! I hope you find out who that criminal is. I think people don't seem to understand that things are bought for a reason, and that one should not steal. Like, they probably and most likely have no conscience. BAD KARMA!