Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Studio/Workshop Tour....

I think I'm having a reality check as I write about these pictures....
I need to:
A: Clean up my space
B:Close my eyes and sleep my problem away
C: Get a bigger Studio space!

This art clutter is unbelievable!
I found a large bin full of my "mini" work that has never been seen by anyone before( not hardly by me either)!
There's a large closet to the right full of unpainted canvas!
I literally have hundreds of cans of spray paint.... this basket is nothing!
I'm thinking about having a Studio Party Close Out SALE!
what do you think?
(leave your comment below)

Stacks of paintings through out!
And this is only my "indoor" studio at my house!! I have a another one...... stay tuned for pix on that space!
If you would like to come visit and check it all out, leave me a comment!


  1. Haha wow! My workspace gets totally cluttered at times, but I certainly don't have quite as much stuff as you.

    Your studio has lots of character though, I kinda like it! But yeah I guess you could have a spring-clean or even invest in some efficient storage space so it feels less cluttered.

  2. I would come to your studio closeout sale in a second!
    Put me on the mailing list. I find your creative output, or art clutter, inspiring!

  3. If you would like to sign up and "be in the know" of all my future happenings, I have a newsletter that I send out and you can sign up here