Monday, April 5, 2010

day 2 of the sound stencil.......

(sorry about the bad pix, I took them with my phone camera in my outdoor studio)

here is one of the stencils out of paper
I painted the background,first,a light gray coat of acrylic,then blended white,dark gray and black spray paint.(The colors in the picture are off due to bad lighting and my phone camera)
Once the background is dry,I sprayed the first stencil, being the lightest gray.
(the ripples)
Now I sprayed the second stencil being dark gray.
I'm working on cutting the third stencil (black) and will spray it as soon as I finish.
Then I will take the two gray stencils and re spray them to add highlights.... I will also post pix of them as I go along.

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