Saturday, October 30, 2010

a new chapter in life....

I've always had the dream to open my own Art Gallery with a Boutique Shop included, I've searched and searched for spaces over the years that would consist of a great location,affordable rent, high traffic and a space where I would be happy to walk into every day that I could say "this is my shop" ....
Over the years I haven't found that until the other day I was searching listings of commercial spaces in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, normally the rent is steep and the space is small. It is prime real estate down there and I figured my searching again, would bring me nothing so I wasn't prepared for what my eyes were about to see.....
I found this space (pictured below) located on the second floor,I was shaking with excitement! ...It's under $900 a month! Way less than I what I was thinking, it's 600 square feet,including a restroom and ready to go!
Needless to say I have an appointment on Monday, Nov 1st to take a peak and fill out an application for it!
Wish me luck! A new Urban Gallery may be on it's way in Pioneer Square!


  1. wonderful, I look forward to seeing you here, seems right to me! Congrats and fingers crossed!

  2. Hey, I walked past here the other day and wondered who would be lucky enough to get that space! WHOO!

  3. I wasn't lucky enough :( a web company put a chunk of money on it before my application got approved.... so back to the drawing board!