Friday, November 12, 2010

Coyote Central Auction Gala

You won’t want to miss Coyote Central Auction on Saturday, November 13th, 8:00 PM in the at 722 E. Union,Seattle,WA.

Coyote opens up the city for youth to discover their rich intellectual and creative talents through projects and problem solving with professionals in real-life settings. In 1986, Coyote was founded by Marybeth Satterlee and Greg Ewert, two inspired middle-school teachers who decided to offer the richness of creative discovery to all kids, going far beyond what is possible in a classroom. They recruited excellent teachers and gifted professionals to invite kids into their laboratories, studios and workshops.

Since 1986, almost 7,000 Coyote kids have discovered their immense talents through both Studio Coyote and Hit the Streets.

For more information:
2719 E. Madison Street, #201
Seattle, WA 98112

This is the painting I donated for the auction
(18x18, Spray paint on canvas)

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