Friday, April 22, 2011

day of Surgery

Day of Surgery.

I got my Jaw surgery done at 10:30 am today, feeling okay right now, I got home about noon,had he spins pretty bad, went to sleep and now it 5:22pm. Jaw hurts really bad and is swollen although you can't really tell, looks like a chipmunk cheek and a marble where the incisions are. I had a smoothie and a sliced hard boiled egg, I can definitely open my mouth more than before, although it's making a squishy,crackling sound when I open it.

Here's the pictures for you entertainment, please don't post anywhere else. Thanks!

View from surgeons office. (Downtown Seattle)

The chair!

Me getting gassed! ;)

okay! out of surgery and trying to talk already.... really drugged up and wearing a "head Bra" full of ice.....looking gorgeous!


in bed ready to sleep..... lights out for me!

after a good 5hour nap, here is the incision marks.....looks like a vampire bite!

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  1. dang hope things are going alright, my thoughts are with you!