Monday, April 11, 2011

GOOD vs BAD News

I have Good and Bad news..

Bad: I'm getting jaw surgery..on April 22nd.... for dislocation of the articular disc on the right side....(my jaw joint is basically stuck on the right side and isn't moving)

Good news: the Surgeon was really nice and is only charging me about $900!

So... I need to sell $900 in paintings really quick because I have to get it done in the next week or two!

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How will I feel after the operation? (like this)


The area in and around the Jaw Joint is often
uncomfortable for several days after the procedure.

You may find it necessary to take simple painkillers,
such as Ibuprofen, during this time.

There will be some swelling in front of your ear and side of face, some bruising

You may also find it difficult to open your jaw for a few

Weeks of smoothies and soft foods following the surgery!

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