Monday, October 3, 2011

Alright! it's the night before my jaw surgery! I go in at 7am and am "under" at 8am, out the same day! I have 2 more hours to drink liquids and eat solid food, 10 hours before surgery.....
I'm freaking out but trying to keep calm and have a good sense of humor... however, as the time gets nearer I am stressing out more, not so scared of "going under" (I've been in that black void many times) it's more the waking up, having my jaw wired shut and knowing that the surgeon just used a saw to cut my jaw bone in half...I will be writing about my experience here on my blog (with photos of course!) I'll try to post often, but please beware of the drug induced ranting and spelling errors! Thanks for reading and I hope you join me in this adventure!

x-ray of Bone on bone (yeah, it hurts!)
(my disguise for after the surgery)

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