Monday, October 31, 2011

It's been 24 days (almost week 4) since my surgery,
I've lost about 15lbs so far.... 2-3 more weeks to go...
Last night I only slept about an hour, the inside of my mouth,cheeks,lips are cut up,
my jaw was in pain, my head hurt, I'm so hungry! I've been slowly tapering off the pain medicine and switching to ibuprofen, there sure is a difference and not for the better!
I have good days where I feel great, then suddenly it takes a turn for the worse and I feel lots of pain and horrible, not wanting or can't get out of bed because I feel to weak or dizzy. such as yesterday, I stayed in bed all day, this morning my jaw hurts really bad, I didn't take the medicine before bed, so I took it when B got up to go to work and have ice packs on.
Hopefully it will get better today since it's Halloween, I figure if worse comes to worse, I will sit outside with my head gear and ice packs on my face looking like a surgery patient and hand out candy while B and the kids go out....

I took my daughter to a Halloween Festival on Saturday, I had ghoulish make up on, a lady told me she "loved" my teeth, I told her "Thanks! they're real and mouth is actually wired shut from a surgery" she walked off, I'm not sure if she was embarrassed or what, then I really felt like a freak!

Happy Halloween! Check all your candy before you eat it!

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  1. dang that looks way way painful, my thoughts are with you! Hope things improve soon!