Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's been ten days since my jaw surgery and I've been wired shut, most of this time I have been drugged up and sleeping, averaging a few sporadic hours awake a day,which is weird to me that I can sleep this long, all the pain I was having before the surgery is now gone, I have the pain of the bone being cut, a deep aching/throbbing, the muscle spasms, tingling sensations and the pinching of the wires between my teeth. My parents asked me if I thought the surgery was worth it, my answer, definitely! Yeah, it's no fun having your mouth wired shut or the straight up fear you have before the surgery but I lucked out, I hardly had any swelling,bruising or bleeding, Never got sick, never freaked out (yet)...
I saw my surgeon on Monday and he said that I am healing very fast,the surgery went perfect and this coming Monday he is going to clip the wires! (the very thin ones running up an down) he is going to replace them with very tight rubber bands,I will still have the bars/brackets on the top and bottom,which are wired to around my teeth, but with the bands it will allow me some movement! YAY!

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