Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's been two days after surgery, I feel like it's been longer, I've slept most of the time, getting woke up to take more medicine, just to fall asleep again, the real world and my dream world feel like they're morphing into one.... When I can I try to write a blog post, the longest I've stayed awake in one stretch has been about 3 hrs since my surgery, otherwise I average about 30 minutes, then sleep 1-3 hours, my time clock is way off!
I decided to start a Twin Peaks marathon with myself, so far I watched season one, My good Friend Eleanor came and hung out with me today, actually she came and took care of me all day (Thank you EL!), so she got sucked into it today too.

The Won Ton soup I had blended last night (was SO GOOD) but I had to pull chunks out of the wires for a long time! It hurt too! so far I really haven't eaten much, some diluted apple sauce,juice, a couple protein shakes and lots of water, it hurts to swallow and the bars hurt my gums if something to hot or to cold touches them..... whine :(
The muscle spasms are strange......I get them in my neck and throughout my right side of my face, feeling some numbness but not to much, mainly in bottom lip area, tomorrow I get to start adding moist heat to my face, so far it's just been all ice and I get to take the "head bra" off so I can shower and wash my hair! YAY! ( I feel like I'm getting dreads in the day I haven't showered, gross I know!)
Bill went to go find some fish tank tubing to fit the end of my food syringe, it didn't come with one so when I squirt the food in my mouth it just goes straight into the wires! I also asked him if he would stop at Starbucks and get me a coffee and update everyone there on my surgery.... I'll be having a coffee soon! YUM!

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