Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jaw Surgery update: Day 16
As you know on Oct 17th my Surgeon cut the wires and rubber banded me, (I still have the big arch bars on the bottom and top) for the first day I still couldn't open my mouth at all, it felt real tight still, I couldn't sleep Monday night because my teeth hurt bad! Tuesday morning I could open about a 1/4 inch! I was pretty excited, I did some opening and closing exercises and it seemed to loosen up a little, it still hurt and ached though I notice my teeth, along with pain, feel loose and tight at the same time, they feel like they are tight up against each other but wiggly too, it's a strange feeling,the teeth on the right also have the feeling like their fake, like when you get a filling or a crown,it has that foreign feel to it....hard to explain!
The strangest thing is I feel like my teeth aren't as straight as they were, my front teeth were even and now they have a slant to them....
Here's a picture of how far I can open right now (little over a 1/4 inch)
So I've lost about 8 lbs already, which is nice! But being on a liquid diet makes you angry,hungry,dizzy and sickly feeling, I feel tired and weak, even though I add extra protein to my drinks I feel like I'm not getting enough fruits and veggies, I've started drinking V8 daily, it helps but I would like to get a juicer since I have 4-6 more weeks of no chew thinned food/liquids...

The gear

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