Monday, October 17, 2011

Off with the wires and now the bands, the easy part is over, now this is where the hard part starts, 4-6 more weeks of having the arch bars wired to my teeth! I still can't have solid food or open my mouth, the bands hold my jaw in place while allowing the muscle some movement (he cut that in half too), I can barely open,it's hurts a lot more than the wires,maybe because of the tension it creates between the upper and lower teeth. Can't even open enough for a small M&M to fit in, I wouldn't be able to chew it anyway...! So my diet will be slightly thicker liquids such as apple sauce..etc...

X-Ray of cut jaw bone taken today 10-17-11

Kate cutting the wires

Kate putting the bands on
the new bands
the furthest I can open and I'm straining!

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