Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 5 Surgery Update and Juice Diet!

A friend loaned me a juicer, so today I went shopping at the local fruit stand!

2 carrots, handfull of cranberries,,1 green onion,4 strawberries,1/4 cucumber, 1/2 apple
Juice coming!
Delicious! (really!)
(Week 5) No rubber bands!
I go one week without bands, go back to the surgeons on 11-14-11, he will make sure my jaw is still aligned and if it is I schedule the surgery to get the arch bars and rest of the wires off. If for some reason it's crooked or misaligned, he will wire it all shut again.
I told him I was eating/sneaking some solids and he said "NO!!!" not to chew,not to bite!
(kinda makes feel like a dog,smack with with a newspaper!)
So I will be on liquids (hence the juicer) yoghurts, apple sauce, etc....for a few more months
It feels really strange without anything holding my jaw close together, the arch bars hurt and make me want to clench my teeth. The surgeon did say I am healing perfect and so far,by far his best surgery patient on healing time,bruising and over all good attitude. in the last week some of the stitches were unraveling and getting caught up in the bars so it was pulling on my gums,but last night some finally dissolved so I don't have the pulling anymore, my gums are still sore and will be for some time.
Currently, I'm drinking Aloe juice and holding it in my mouth to help heal my gums and cheeks from all the wire cuts. It feels like Heaven in my mouth! Aloe really eases the pain and helps heal them quickly.I use Arnica gel on my face for swelling and bruising.
I have been getting ear aches again, but he said it may be from the bands and the mouth stretching exercises so I started taking Ibuprofen and that helps.
It's nice to be able to open my a little, about a 1/2 inch now and I have lost 17lbs in the process! I'm sure I'll lose more since I'm doing the juice diet....(which is okay by me!)
I figure it's a good time to cleanse, eat healthy and heal my whole body all at once....

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