Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey Geek Girl!

Just finished my piece for:
"a Tribute to Women and Pop Culture"
Opening Reception Saturday May 5th @ 7pm, on Display until June 10th
Ltd. Art Gallery and guest curator Bonnie Burton, author and geek girl superstar, bring together over 25 female artists to pay tribute to the female icons that have influenced and defined women in modern Pop Culture.  
FEATURING: Jessicka Addams, Kari-Lise Alexander, Stephanie Buscema, Mona Collentine, Katie Cook, Jenny Dayton, Jaymee Donelson, Nicole Falk, Lauren Gregg, Hezaa, Kinoko, Vanessa Lemen, Cecy Meade, MISO, Tomi Monstre, Melissa Monosmith, Rachel Moseley, Naomi Nowak, Jen Oaks, Devi Pellerin, Patrushka, Urban Soule, Cat Staggs, Siolo Thompson, Andrea Wicklund, Jasmine Worth, plus additional artwork from DISNEY UNDERGROUND™

"Portrait of Louise Brooks"

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