Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Sunday with Ciscoe....

Today, I took the day off from packing and cleaning the house!  I was in desperate need of a break, this moving thing is starting to get to me.
So my best friend EL'D-O drove all the way from Snohomish and we spent the day at the
 Highline Botanical Gardens
They hosted an ice cream social, a silent auction and a plant sale but the best part was
Ciscoe Morris was speaking about ten- "Do's and Dont's" of gardening!
I did come home with a few types of Ornamental Grasses, Two Aloes, Some "Chicks and Hens", Other Succulents, Ferns and Maidenhair Vines.
Yes... I LOVE gardening, I learned it from my Mother, she was/is an avid gardener. She could grow anything! 

 Me geeking out on Ciscoe!

The crowd and Ciscoe speaking, EL'D-O and I were clearly the youngest at the event... 
Boy did we have fun, Ciscoe is such a GREAT story teller! He had the crowd laughing and he has good advice! But.... if he ever offers to use a backhoe or is operating one, I would stay a far distance away according to a few stories he told today!
Some pretty plants and flowers I saw.
A nice butter yellow Lotus in the pond

These were beautiful orange and paper like pedals, almost like a poppy, not sure what the are...

I really want some of this ground cover...
Blue Hydrangea
the small water fall leading to the pond

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