Sunday, August 26, 2012

Before and After Pix!!!! WOWZA!

We did SO much yard work at the new house today... these are all before and after pictures!

back yard...That's all an old,old Wisteria along the fence, with white flowers..
we still have more work to do, but at least today we got the "brunt" of it done, 
I need to go back and with the tree trimmers and cut back the blackberries and trees.
This Wisteria is crazy big! It needs some trimming, to the right of the gate is where the peacocks will go, I think we're going to try to build the frame for their new pen tomorrow, it will be roughly 8ft wide, 6ft tall and 16ft long, they will love it!
Check out the Wisteria Seed Pod! Awesome! 
This is behind the garage....
and we found another nice path!

These last two are just different views of the house...
With the backside...

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