Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ikea MARIUS Stool Re-Color

The Ikea MARIUS stool is a great product for only $5.99, each year Ikea seems to come out with yet another batch of colors for them, I bought orange ones a few years back. They lived on my outdoor, uncovered patio since, took a beating and have had many butts, feet, bugs, spills and who knows what else on them! They are still in good shape but the sun, rain and snow took a toll on the bright orange, they faded badly, I thought about sticking them out on the street with a free sign on them, then thought "these little guys deserve better!" So I brought them into my studio and gave them all a new coat of paint! 

Here's the faded orange "before" picture
I wiped all the cob webs and dirt off before painting (duh!)
I was going to sand them lightly, but I decided I didn't want to put much effort into them,
being that I can buy them so cheap...
I chose a White, Rhino Gray and  Black in the Montana Paint colors, I still have a brand new Orange stool still in the package, I'll have to put it together and photograph the full set....
as you can see on the Rhino Gray one, the seat looks a bit rough, that was due to wear on the plastic seat.
I think over all they came out good for a quick spray paint job and mini-makeover!

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