Monday, August 6, 2012

Pagholtz Chair Refinishing Project....

I've had these chairs I picked up at a road side junk shop here in Seattle, they are made of
Rosewood and by Pagholz circa 1960. Manufactured in West Germany. 
They were in grave condition when I found them , they needed some work and I procrastinated forever, I kept them under a tarp in the garage until tonight, when I got a hankering to wax the wood and shine them rusty old legs.
I'm SO happy with the way turned out! Now they can come inside the house and I I don't have to hide them anymore!

Before the wax.... (dry and sad) :(
after the wax! Look at that shine! 
I swear I heard the wood moaning in pleasure as I rubbed the wax into it!
side by side.... look at the difference!
Four shiny, happy chairs!
Some of the legs gliders are broken or missing, so I'm going to replace them with the black, rubber leg caps I so love, I like them because they don't scratch the floors... and are quieter.
I used Nevr- Dull on the legs, it really helped shine them up and get rid of most of the rust spots.
and Howard Feed & Wax on the wood, they were so dry it soaked right in, I may have to do a 2nd coat on them. Both are great products.


  1. These turned out great! We recently just picked up 6 of these chairs, although the story of finding them wasn't near as exciting! They are in pretty good shape, but one needs to be refinished and a lot of the feet gliders are missing. Can you tell me where you get them? I'm gonna have to get some of that nevr-dull stuff too! Thanks!

    1. Hi Cassia,
      Thank you! Awesome Find!! I would maybe check Ebay if you want Original gliders, I'm actually converting mine to the rubber foot caps, which I found a bag of black ones on Ebay.I just measured the width of the hole where the glider fits in the leg and ordered that size. Good luck on the refinishing!