Monday, August 27, 2012

Peacock Aviary going up!

Worked in the yard again today at the new house.... cut down a lot of dying and diseased trees/shrubs, 
you can see the fence!
Here's the Arborvitae I cut down, they were all bent and hanging to the ground, dead on the inside. They will be replaced with Bamboo along the fence
OMG! This corner SUCKED!!!! it had numerous Holly trees, blackberry bramble, an old dying rose bush and ivy, I trimmed the Ivy and found a lovely Purple,Deadly Night Shade vine.
and during the yard clean up we were working on the frame for the large Aviary for the Peacocks..

it's 16ft long, 8ft wide and 6.5ft tall
The birds will love it (I hope) 
We still have more framing to do and I'm waiting for the bird netting to be delivered.
Tomorrow morning we pick up the moving truck so we will be loading it up, unfortunately (as of this minute) the under writer hasn't finished the paper work so we could close on the house today and get the key, we'll see, hopefully they will write a bit quicker and get it done! 

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