Sunday, September 9, 2012

A New House and much more!

We sure have been busy this last week! Finally got the internet hooked up today!
Our new house closed on Friday, Aug 31st so we moved in all weekend, cleaned the old house after work all week.
I've been busy unpacking, getting everyone settled, getting kids started in school, building the Peacock Aviary, landscaping, decorating and more!
Here's a quick recap of the last week:
We moved almost everything into the garage while we were waiting for the final go ahead on the "closing" BS
That's my son exhausted,sitting on the truck, wondering why we have some much crap!
Me in the empty old house after finishing up cleaning, I'm so tired!
This is how the Peacock Aviary looks as of today, we added a solid panel on back, a door frame and I started painting it to match the house, the door will be the same color as our garage doors, along with more solid panels for weather protection and black tight weave mesh netting. Many more pix to come in the next few days... stay tuned!
and of course the house!

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