Friday, September 21, 2012

Etsy Shop Re-Opening for Fall and Winter

Every year about this time I open up my Etsy Shop for Fall/Winter...sometimes until Spring... 
Every painting is an Original and come from a photo that I take (unless it's of a famous or dead person!) So all the birds... yeah, I know... I like to "put a bird on it" I've heard that a million times.... tell me who doesn't like birds? Anyway, I photographed all the birds in various places, some are friends pets, at zoos, in my yard... you get it.. I photograph all the animals and other subjects in my paintings..I print out the photo and start cutting layers out of to make multilayer stencils, the paintings are mixed media paints and the image is spray painted on, then a clear finish on is applied on top...Like I said each one is an Original, I DO NOT make prints or cards or anything else, just the paintings on canvas AND I will not be making these sizes anymore, so you might want to grab one or five while I have them! They're all ready to hang with a hook included!

Oh... and I've been going crazy with the Yard, the Peacock Aviary, the House..and we're having a "house Warming" BBQ/Potluck this Sunday, so if you want to come, leave a comment and I'll send you the address! So I'll be posting house/yard pix Saturday! Stay tuned....

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