Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outdoor Aviary in the Backyard

After work today I finished painting the base of the Peacock Aviary and the door Turquoise,

My son helped me hang the black mesh screen on the sides, we're planning on screening the roof next.
 The mesh I'm using is made of tightly woven industrial grade polyethylene that will also block out up to 70% of the sun’s UV rays, so it will keep the birds safer, plus it's tightly woven so predators can't poke in and the Peacocks can't poke their heads out!
The door will be the mesh screen and to the right of the door will be a solid panel (I think, my Mr. says it will be sturdier if we made it solid, but I think screen would look better, although I can always paint something cool on it if it was solid....hmmmm...it's a toss up!..)
The left side cross braces look crooked, but it's on uneven ground, we're planning on moving it over to the right a few feet, closer to the Wisteria.
The back, the L/R sides and roof will have  more solid panels for their shelter. We're also planning on adding 2x4 perches for them to roost on throughout the pen,
What do you think so far? I'm thinking I want to move in there!

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