Saturday, September 22, 2012

Today's DIY and all the other Fun Mayhem!

My friend and fellow artist Kathy picked me up a KICK ASS Hippo mask!!!!
(of course I have paint spilled on my shirt.. when don't I have paint on me... that would be NEVER)

So, I've been super busy working in the yard before the rains come, Seattle must have earned some good weather Karma finally, it's been a late and great summer so far! 
Mention of being covered in paint, I'm getting ready for our housewarming party tomorrow (Sunday)... I decided to touch up the old Ikea (Bollo table and chairs) wood tables with shades of gray stripes, First I painted the blue and then decided I didn't like it so I went over it with dark gray. I didn't want to put to much effort or time in them,they're all warped and old,  so I gave them a  weathered look ... I also painted the chairs and left all the legs wood, being we have kids, guests and animals they get roughed up a lot and I don't want to get mad when somebody scuffs up my new paint job...

This was the old, temporary Peacock pen, they since have moved into their new, larger Aviary, I took the old one apart and cleaned up the area- mulched and weeded.
They're both happy now, lots of room and they can fly a bit, I still have to add the solid roof, the two solid outer walls, perches and some other little details...
Mean while back in the yard, I decided to move some brick around...
Then, I decided I needed something in that space right NOW so I divided up my giant pot of Bamboo, it broke the pot is was so thick, I had to use a hand saw to cut the roots apart
I had enough divided to plant in both spots along the fences in the backyard..

 I'm hoping it will take in the ground well and get thick enough to hide the fences...although it would be nice to pick up some more and get it in the ground before winter.
Our soil isn't very good, it's dry,dusty and not draining so I got some compost from our local Dunn Lumber, the compost is made local by Cedar Grove
I added the compost into the soil and a layer on top, looks much better! I know gardeners don't like slugs but I felt bad that I woke up this big guy (bottom right) he laid there and watched me...
Moving to the side/front of the house, again with bad soil, the water runs right off the top..
I added hand picked beach rocks that my daughter, her friend, her teacher and I have collected to make a sort of french drain to catch and slow down the water, it runs to the front yard and it's about 15-20ft long.
Pruning a vine out front that has delicious white flowers... it's done blooming and I don't know what type of plant it is, if you do, tell me!
and we relaxed with a wonderful sunset at the was nice, I love that sea smell...
In between all this fun mayhem, I've been battling our dry-dead, dandelion covered lawn, I mowed, watered, aerated and thatched, after the party tomorrow I'm going to reseed and turf boost fertilize!

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