Thursday, September 27, 2012

Todays CHA-BANG!....

Set of 6 Black, Old School Cafeteria Trays = 6 for $3
I'm going to use them for parties and future BBQ's, it seems like I always need trays and these are perfect!
and the ultimate thrift SCORE!!!!!
ready for this!?
The seat it frickin' 2ft wide! My feet don't touch the ground when I sit in it!
I don't know how old the rocker is, but it's big and sturdy as hell!
I'm going to put it on our front deck, I think I might leave it the "rustic" look, I love that it's been painted flat black (of course) although, it would look good a new flat black...we'll see...
and I LOVE the curves of scallop design under the seat...when I saw it, it reminded of me of the rocking chair in Beetlejuice.There was another woman eying it too, she rocked it and I scooped it up, sorry lady, you can come over and sit in it at my house
So.... guess how much?
!!!! $9.99 !!!!
Yup! Seriously! 
Now all I need is a Banjo, some Moonshine and a Shot gun... oh and a dog named "Gus" and I can sit on my porch in style! 

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