Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming soon to my Home......

Bitchin' Concrete Coasters by Agrestal Designs 
She's made some awesome Home Products that are definitely worth checking out!
Amee is based right outside of Seattle, I had a nice conversation with her tonight and am ordering a set of 6 of these bad ass coasters (pictured)
She sells them in a set of 4 but can make as many as you need/want,
I'm excited to meet her in person and pick them up!
If your local in the Seattle you can check out her products in the following PLACES
Or visit her ETSY SHOP and she can ship them to you.
I love the Diamond Plate, Textured, Pattern... oooh! and the Rust finish!
Visit the Official Agrastal Designs Website HERE
 I have some ideas brewing in my noggin' that I may have to hire her for if she's up to it.... 
something to do with these tiles...

 I also have to.... well... want to, pick up one of these trivets from her in the near future too! 
(all pictures above are property and copyright © of Agrestal Designs)

I totally have a crush on concrete right now,
remember my entry way I just painted to look like concrete...we're lovin' it!
My Mr. and I would love concrete kitchen counters one day..... off today dreaming now!

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