Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gettin' Organized Damn it!

Now that we're getting settled into the new house, I've been wanting to de-clutter and buy some pieces of furniture that are well made,will last, will be kid/critter proof, look good and have a modern feel to them.
Asking to much? 
I searched and searched until I decided on the
 black, leather, Florence Loveseat 

It arrived a few days ago!
Such a beauty!
I like it so much I ordered the sofa (three seat) version
to be delivered at the end of the month

As all who know me, I like to collect, buy and sell it's a bit of a challenge for me to part with certain things but I've been doing it!
My goal is to have the house and yard minimal so I can focus on other things and not have to clean/dust/weed and all that crud on my free time.

This Spring I'm going to have another (HUGE) yard sale, so if your interested, keep an eye on this blog because I'll be posting the info here.

Today I worked on my office, it needed to be organized badly...
after taxes and a busy start to the new year it quickly became a mess!
Here is the before picture:

and the after picture with my new Craftsman four drawer cart!

I wanted something sturdy to hold the printer and something that will fit all my random office supplies..
Much better!
I have the bigger version of it in my art studio, so if I ever want to rearrange I can move this to the studio and it will match the other.


  1. Creating a wonderful AMBIANCE I see! (I LOVE that word!) Also like the use of the craftsman roller/drawers.
    Hopefully Nate & I will make it up to see in person sometime this year!

    1. I would LOVE if you guys came and stayed! Keep me posted on when your thinking of coming up! I miss all you!