Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Made in the USA

I'm finally making back into my studio to paint after weeks of having a intimate relationship with a cold/flu that doesn't want to leave me.... (I wish it would find someone better, I'm not worthy of it's love)
Anyway, I started a huge American Flag painting on canvas.....
It does having some hidden (and not so hidden) meanings within it...
(I'm sure you can figure them out)

Here's some process photos:
adding stripes...

and more detail/close ups
The stripes are gray and black with red (and various other color) showing through, along with the the collage of newspapers and Naval Warship Turbines peaking from underneath the 13 stripes.
I still need to add the 50 white stars over the bulls eye in the blue square.
I have a feeling this is leading into a full series of Flag paintings....
I love stripes ya know!
See more of my paintings at http://urbansoule.com

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