Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Great Garden- Landscape Begins!

Finally Seattle got a SUN break! YES! 
As soon I saw that bright glowing orb I ran outside, slipped into my rubber boots and put my work gloves on!

Before and After!
I started pulling weeds like crazy!
Oh it's looking so good and I'm gardening in the sun and fresh air...
Look at this! I'm almost finished with the side of the house!
What? What the Hell is going on? Did I just get sprayed with a hose? 
Um NO! Frinkin' RAIN!
Major down pour in a matter of minutes... no more sun... (insert major cursing here)

continuing into the next day... I woke up to sun and blue sky again!
I ran back outside...
We went plant shopping! 
(When I say we, It means my Mr. drove me to the Nursery and I excitedly shopped and talked about plants while he tried to be patient, he was a GREAT sport today, Thank You Honey Buns!)
I brought home...

Four Hellebores

Four Lavender,  Four Lupine
Two flats of mixed Sedums, Four Deschamosis Grass

 Two Silver Knight Heather,  Purple and Green Euphorbia (planted last fall),
Two Pyramid Purple Heather
 Two Pampas Grass,a Japanese Cedar
An Apple Green Orchid

a Snowdrift Clematis and Four Crocus
and... last but not last on my list...
Elephant Ear, Yellow King Humbert Canna,Candidum Caladium,
and White Tulips...
Geesh! I got them all planted too! 
I can't wait until they grow bigger, there's a few more plants on my list but I have to wait until the nursery gets them in...
Hostas, Ferns, more Euphorbia,  more grasses.... I really want a Witch Hazel Tree... oh and another Japanese maple... oh... and ...more Hellebores... ooh and some Agave..
Mention of Agave...
Here's three Beauties I saw at the nursery...
(I didn't bring home, I shoulda' though..)

 I want to have such a BEAUTIFUL Garden that I can be part of the Local Garden Tours...
I would  like to show off my handy work (blood,seat and tears)... and get a little praise from fellow green thumbs.....

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  1. Looking good! AND you are much more enthusiastic regarding your gardening than I. I don't care for the cold, rainy stuff when I am pulling weeds! :) I'm giving it a few more weeks...(our NW weather)