Friday, March 8, 2013

The Great Garden -Landscaping Part TWO and then some!

Today's Garden Project: 27 bags of my favorite Black Mulch and building a mini concrete brick wall...
 Getting started along the slate pathway
continuing...with a before and after shot
looks good doesn't it! The black mulch really makes the plants stand out
I made the small concrete brick wall in front and added the same black mulch..
I planted a giant Elephant Ear so that it will take up this empty space in front of our deck ...
a before and after
 Here's some pictures from around my gardens...
I had enough mulch left over to add to the back garden where my Bamboos are...
Colors in the gardens..
 The one Dandelion I didn't pull yet had a beautiful visitor on it...
Look at his bright orange,fuzzy butt!
and of course my Peacocks and their Aviary in the back yard.
And after fertilizing my growing (indoor) Orchid collection, they are taking off with a lot of new growth!
So... as I was writing this blog post, I heard a helicopter...
I went to see where it was at... then another chopper came flying up!
Here they are above my house!
They were searching along with the SWAT Team for a woman who shot her coworker,
they both work for the Seattle Parks and Rec..
Well... they found her at her house which is a few blocks from mine! 
CLICK HERE to read the news stories...

Enough action for today!

I have plenty of work for tomorrows project...

Planting bulbs!
12 Blue Hostas
10 Lilies
7 elephant Ears
8 lily of the Valley
60 Irises
35 Gladioli

It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!

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