Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spring Garden,Eggs and Babies....

it looks like I have dropped off the blogging planet for a bit,
Good News!
I'm back!
I've been busy with all sorts of Art, Gardening, Kids, Animals and just general life!

First off, all that planting I did is paying off, the bulbs have sprouted and the plants are growing like crazy!

Here's the Wisteria in the backyard next to the aviary....
and mention of aviary....
yep.... The Peacocks were getting busy while we were in Beverly Hills 
(Beverly Hills post coming tomorrow)
Look at those eggs! 
Here's "Peanut" the Peahen laying on them
this is how "Piper" the male Peacock swoons his lady...
and trying to swoon me...
 More Birds and Babies!
A family of Black Capped Chickadee's have made their home in our front house in the cedar tree.
I Welcome them to my yard! They have such sweet songs!

 New plants...
I fell in LOVE with the Agave and Aloes while in California, so I snagged some to bring home for my garden
I met my neighbor finally, she is a wonderful woman that happens to be a Horticulturist
She gave me Hostas,Succulents and much more for my garden... so I gave her a Buddha statue for hers..
Here's some highlights of my garden...

I added a small water garden in the front and hung the Prayer Flags in the Cedar
All for now!
More tomorrow!

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