Friday, September 20, 2013

End of Summer Shenanigans...

I apologize for about the lack of posting... I've been busy around the homestead preparing the gardens and critters for winter plus getting ready for some art show deadlines.

Lets see... First we got the massive planter box built, actually I didn't, my Mr. did. 
it's a little over 10ft long, 2ft tall and 2ft wide.
I need to get the Japonica Bamboo (sitting behind it) planted in it so it will fill in and make a nice screen by next fall. I just traded for some 20ft tall Black Bamboo (pictured far left in back ground) That will be planted next I'm slowly landscaping this side, which is the side of my studio, we will be putting in an entrance door and a wood fence on the side, hopefully in spring. He's also going to make two more smaller planter boxes for me.
Mention of my Studio 
I've been working on it this week getting it cleaned up so we can finish the framing and dry wall.
I will also be having a HUGE STUDIO SALE  (at my studio)
it gives you the opportunity to see where I create and pick up some very inexpensive art!
(you won't want to miss this one, trust me)
Stay tuned for the date, it should be happening within the next couple weeks I will announce it soon,promise!

My current painting I'm working on is the giant Salvador Dali on canvas....
it's about 4ft x 5ft

trying to make it so you can hang it any direction...still working on it, it will be available on my website soon.
Next up....
My parents bought me a Jack Lalanne Juicer, which I LOVE!

I tried ordering one from the official website, but they got my order wrong over the phone, told me the original one I wanted wasn't available after they sold it to me, then argued with me and tried selling me a whole different brand of juicer when I cancelled my order. I would NOT recommend ordering from them, although I love and stand by the product. So my parents got mine at Costco

This morning I found my perfect juice mix...
and gosh damn it's good!
1- Apple
1- Pear
1- Small Tomato
1- Green Onion
1- 1" piece of fresh Ginger Root
1- Large Carrot
After juicing I let the Peacocks out 
(Peanut the peahen,the brown one, was on a mission to get somewhere)
 and did 30 minutes of Sun Salutations
It was GREAT, being outside in the crisp morning air, sun just rising, hearing the wild birds, being surrounded by trees and nature....
I think I might have to make this a daily routine!
All for now!

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