Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Harvest

My mini Urban Farm is coming to the end of it's season.... so sad!
Here's today's harvest
I started with the Herbs, (clockwise L to R)
 Basil,  Citrus Mint, Pineapple Sage and Thai Basil
I harvested almost a pound of each and am going to dry them out for use this winter.
(L to R)
Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary again about a 1lb each
 and for Greens and veggies,
(clockwise L to R)
about 2lbs of Spinach, 2-3lbs of Mixed Green Lettuce, 2 large Broccoli Heads, 2 Green Bell Peppers,
6  Banana Peppers, 1 Small Cucumber, Chives and 3 small Zucchini.
Enough to feed the family this week!
I'm already daydreaming what I'm going to plant this Spring! I can't wait!

All for now! 

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