Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One year Anniversary!

 I feel like I haven't accomplished much in the last year...
I feel like time passes by to fast....
as I sat here thinking about 2013 and the things I have done, I realized last year during Labor Day weekend we moved into our new house and I was thinking about how much I still haven't done and how many projects haven't got finished.. since the day we moved in.... a whole year...
Especially outside... So I started looking through pictures of the house and yard and to my surprise
I saw visuals of all my love, sweat, blisters and soar muscles that I poured into our yard, making it a sanctuary for our family, I suddenly realized, I HAVE done a great amount in such a small time...

Wanna see some before and after pictures? 

Our backyard looking East

Before (yikes)
the weeds were about 4ft tall, not kidding!
after clean up
and now
I'm still working on getting that luscious green lawn.

SW Corner in backyard
after clean up:

and now:
planted with Bamboo, Lily of the Valley and Aloe

the raised bed in back along the house
What a mess!

and now
with lots of tomatoes and the newly planted winter Lettuce crop
the side yard facing West....
 after clean up...very nice
 and now
all landscaped with Grasses, Sedums,,Hostas, Lavender, and much more!
back yard along fence facing South
Before and after cleanup
and now, planted with more Bamboo, Japanese Banana and Hostas

and the lower garden in back

and now
full of vegetables!
WOW! What a difference!
Don't you think?!

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