Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shades of Gray and Blue....

This last weekend (Labor Day) we decided it was a good time to update the front porch paint,
we thought that there's just to much going on with all the colors, a lot of white and some unfinished wood beams, so I matched up the house color which is called "Witching Hour" by Benjamin Moore
Much better! We think it looks a lot "cleaner" and not so busy anymore.
While I was in my house painting mood, I decided to update the door color,
it was a nice Turquoise/ Azure Blue
I wanted a more saturated Blue, like a True Deep Cobalt or Dark Ultramarine.
I wanted it to be a very specific color, in fact the color of a vintage German Keramik planter I have.
I brought the pot into Home Depot and their awesome paint dept. matched it perfect!
Here is a before and "during" painting the back door
Here is the planter and the door

 The way the color shows up in the pictures doesn't really do it justice, it has more of a purple tint like this:
 The front and back doors both glow now, it's so beautiful!
This weekend, weather permitting, I will be painting the garage doors...

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