Thursday, September 5, 2013

What does your food have in it?

I've been reading a lot about the use of GMO's in our food, Washington State will get a chance to vote on  GMO's listed on food labels this November,
Personally I want to know if my food has been genetically modified or not...

 I do support
Yes on 522

Here's is a link to the other side
No on 522

You think when you eat beef or drink milk you think your eating cow.. or drinking cows milk.. so what if that cow has human genes in it? Gross huh?
Well, it's been happening for awhile now...
I know we can't stop every contaminate from getting in our food but we have the right to know what's being put in it purposely. 

Thankfully we have the space for a garden and it's all organic, I add organic soil and mulch each year before planting. Especially in our area, we're located in the  Tacoma Smelter Plume
It's really to bad so much land was affected, many people moving to the area have no idea about it, it happened years ago but just this year they sent out a "Dirt Alert" after finding  Arsenic in the top soil of a park a couple miles away. Scary.
 So please be cautious and do some research about where your food comes from.
 Today in my garden I picked
3 Lemon Boys (which are very good)
3 Early Girls, 4 Romas, 1 Broccoli,
2 Cucumbers,  1 Banana Pepper and a dozen Sweet 100's
We have been buying more Organic food and trying to eliminate processed and refined whites out of our diet, I was surprised my Mr. brought home Bob's Buckwheat Pancake mix,
it is delicious! I made pancakes for my breakfast today topped with Clover Honey...
So far we have been eating quite healthy, lots of fresh greens and raw veggies,
we switched to Whole grain pasta.

We tried a few brands and didn't like it until we bought Barilla Brand Pasta, the texture isn't so "gritty"
 It takes a bit to get used to because of the thicker texture but we like it now and haven't gone back.
I was reading last night that Barilla will be adding a Gluten Free Pasta this month in select stores.
Here's their press release
We'll give that a try when we get a chance.

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