Friday, October 25, 2013

Diamonds,Skulls and one Big Wall

I apologize for the lack of blog posts, New clients with lots of projects for me has taken time away from me, which is GREAT! I love being able to work in my studio and paint for people.
On the side..or should I say while I'm waiting for paint to dry.. I've been playing with concrete again, so fun!
I'm having a very large solo show in April (2014) at Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery and I started preparing for it now. Along with numerous paintings will be these Gilded Silver and Gold concrete Diamonds...

Here's some process shots..
the concrete drying in my handmade molds, (yes,each mold is slightly different)

Painted black
Painted white
Here's on finished one that is Gilded in Silver...
and here's a geometric skull freshly I made..
For more info on these you can send me an email at
and the last project that I'm working on in between all those is....
The Studio Wall!
My cute guys hung the drywall
Then I came in, taped, added the drywall mud, primed and painted...whew!
We have one more 8x10ft section to do in my storage area which is behind the corrugated metal wall seen above. Then we will be finished!

All for now!

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