Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All Jokes and Games with this guy....

Can't help myself....
I have to write another post about our puppy! 
He's so darn cute and well behaved.... although this morning at 6:30am he was a bit of a handful....
Boris laughing at my jokes
But, we practiced the harness/leash training today and he's a natural on it!
He sits on command now and he learned to "Shake" today!
Boris is a very quick learner, it helps to have a good treat too...

He LOVES them
 He was in the studio for the first time today, I worked about an hour and he was really good, a bit chilly, so he stayed next to the heater, he was helping paint as you can see in the picture below.
and we played "Hide and Seek"
Boris "hiding"
now my time to hide...count to ten!
no peeking!
all tuckered out in his new crate!
 I have to Thank my co-worker Andrea for letting us use this crate, he loves it and it gives us a piece of mind knowing he's safe and sound!

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