Sunday, January 26, 2014

First Trip to the Beach

Saturday we took another day trip to the local beach at Salt Water State Park
This time we took Boris..
He still is a little unsure of car rides, he tries to jump up front with me so this time I buckled him in the back with his harness. It seemed to work well although he whined about not being able to run a muck...
it was his first BIG outing out of the neighborhood
 He was loving all the sites,people and smells and other dogs!
He loved the Barnacles and clam shells.
It was a lovely day and the water had a great calm feel to it.
Even Boris took a moment to soak it all in...
Min (our daughter) and Boris enjoyed the view from the rocks.
 He met a lovely dame named Lexi, they played so nicely together, us humans exchanged numbers, when it was time to leave Lexi, Boris cried the rest of the walk, I think he fell in love. We're going to have a puppy play date with her soon. 

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