Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals Day 1

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!
Instead of resolution I decided to make some "Goals"
one of course is to start eating healthier..
Spinach/Turkey Salad with Curry Rice
 I noticed I've been eating (craving) Spinach,Curry and Ginger lately.
Curry Chicken/Rice and Sesame Rice Balls in Ginger Sauce at the Hong Long in Chinatown
 The Rice Balls in Ginger Sauce was nothing I've ever tasted before, they were SO DELICIOUS!

Spinach,Ginger and Turmeric
A New Juice Recipe
Orange,Apple (Two Kinds) Green Onion,Carrot,Ginger and of course Spinach
The Juice this morning was sweet with a slight "Zing" to it!
I had it for breakfast with Toast/PB and a Banana= YUM and Healthy!
I will talk about another goal tomorrow!

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