Thursday, January 23, 2014

Healthy Choices

Do you ever feel like you need to re start new? Or maybe you would like a new in a new body or even just to feel better and healthy, a clear mind, relaxed muscles, smoother skin.....
a fresh start... I feel like my mind and body need a whole fresh cleanse...and I've been feeling it for awhile, also putting it off. I won't go into detail but the Universe is sending me signs that I need to start a cleanse and make healthy choices NOW and not later... later might be to late....

Have you seen this documentary?
You should...  click HERE if you want to watch it right now.

I watched it when I had my major jaw surgery a few years ago and was wired HERE to read  that story! I wanted to prepare myself for some major juicing so I watched the movie... I lost 40lbs during the whole ordeal , granted I couldn't eat any solid food if I wanted to but I felt healthy and GREAT!
Once I could eat solids again I did, with a vengeance! I craved meat, chips, soda, sugar, candy, you name it. Of course I gained all the weight back, so last summer I grew my own veggies and ate healthy again, cut out whites and sugars, switched to whole grains, juiced and ate lots of raw fruits and veggies. Now of course Fall and Winter came and my garden is gone. The cycle starts again... packaged foods, comfort foods, warm coffees and peppermint cocoas. I do need to say, I don't struggle with my weight, I struggle with how I feel, If I don't feel good, I know I need to change my eating habits. I am currently 35lbs over my average weight.So I would like to shed some lbs in the process but it's not a big deal nor required. With that said I cleaned out the fridge and went food shopping,
I'm prepared to juice and to start another healthy quest to feeling great again, I can walk my dog
If I can get him up from
napping again next to the heater
He can be my partner and I can be his. We make a great pair.
Seattle has been BEAUTIFUL the past week, in the 50's and blue sky!
so it's perfect timing to start.
I does help me if I post pictures of my food, I tend to stick with it longer if I'm showing the world what I eat.
So be prepared for some foodie blog posts coming up..
Would you like to join me on my quest?
Please do! You'll feel better, I promise!
Watch the documentary above and leave your thought on it below...


  1. hey kim - i watched that recently. I dug the juicer out of storage today! Winter has been so tough... it's so cold here in the midwest we can't get outside to move and yes - the comfort foods :/ good luck to you! keep the food pics coming!

  2. Hi Ninjagrl!
    Thank you! tell the family Hello from us!