Saturday, February 1, 2014


I am really wanting to start back in my garden, I was at Home Depot buying paint and while the nice guy was mixing my colors, I checked out the garden section, not much out there right now but they were having a 50% off sale....
So I bought 9 White and Pink Erica Heathers
1 Japanese Pieris (Scarlett O' Hara)
and 1 Leyland's Cyprus
 I'm not going to plant them until spring when the soil is softer and after the last freeze.
Here's the side garden with the Heathers around in their pots...
My goal is to fill in the space with a lot of Evergreen plants so the yard always has color and lots of green, spring will bring back the Elephant Ears, ornamental grasses and the Hellebore's, which in fact are coming up with blooms now.
I did clean up the giant "Snow Drift" Clematis along the front fence, I raised it up again as it gives our deck and front entrance privacy.
It has the most gorgeous white flowers and they're the best thing you'll ever smell....(besides baking bread)
On the far right is our ginormous Western Red Cedar, I'm going to do a "Native" garden under it, not much will grow under Cedars so I'll be sticking with a variety of local ferns. I would like some Devil's Club so far I've only seen it in the woods and not at Nurseries... maybe I can find a spot to dig some up...
All for now! 
(hurry up Spring!)

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