Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Welcome little guy!

Our family grew by one!
We picked him up Friday the 10th, 
He's an American Bully-Born on Aug 21st, 2014
 We rescued him from a family, he seemed malnourished, weak , small and sick... the owner said he was weaned and the moms not producing milk (right)

We haven't named him yet, we just call him little guy...

1st day home
The owner had been giving a cheap wet food with Bully Max smashed into it,
 (I don't think it's healthy)
We stopped at Mud By and they suggested giving him Esbilac puppy milk and a high protein EVO brand wet food, to help him get some nutrition, being that he's so small he sure needs some help.
meeting Boris

nap time

exploring the yard 10-14-14
 he's looking a lot better today after having healthy food and puppy milk for two days,
eyes are clearer, walking better and even running and playing!
today 10-14-14
On a bad note: He has had diarrhea with a touch of blood in it since we brought him home, he's seeing the vet tmrw afternoon. Our hope is that we can make him healthy and strong, Boris loves him and he loves Boris.
We love this  little guy!

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  1. He is precious! Boris seems to have a very nurturing soul. I hope the vet visit was a thumbs up, Little Guy will stand a better chance surrounded by his new family's care and love.