Friday, March 27, 2015

DIY Bird Suet

What you will need:
Bird seed mix
Pan or Mold
Suet ( grease) or Vegetable Shortening such as Crisco
Wood Spoon
Wax paper or Sandwich Bags

Fresh or Dried Berries and/or Fruit
Bread Crumbs
Oatmeal (not instant)

I picked a wild bird seed for my areas native birds..
added it to my glass baking pan, I also used some dried berries and a couple scoops of oatmeal with raisins
Mix it around in the pan 

Heat the Grease or Shortening in the pan on low heat until full melted ( I forgot to take a picture of it)
Pour melted grease in the seed mixture, make sure to stir it around to make sure all the seed is coated. I like to use a wood spoon because it absorbs some of the oil and keeps the wood from drying out.
Once the mix is all coated, refrigerate for 24 hours.
You'll notice as the shortening cools, it turns back to white

Step 4:
Totally cooled suet in the pan
 Once it's fully cooled and has turned solid again, you can cut the mixture into blocks and scoop into sandwich bags (like I did) or add it sheets of wax paper
 Once int the plastic bag I form it with my hands to make a square to fit my feeder..
 I got seven bags out the pan
 And your finished!
Here it is in the Suet feeder in my tree!
I'm just waiting for the birds to see if they like it now!

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