Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tropical in Seattle

New Plants for the Garden....
I think I'm going for a Asian inspired, modern tropical garden! 

After the Aviary came down, I planted Golden Bamboo along the fence line...
and moved the pillars up to the corner, we need to stabilize them with rebar, Im going to paint them too, they will be a nice focal point when finished.

 Picked up and potted a date palm
 oh.. and bought a Windmill Palm
 Planted up my Cold Hardy Bananas in with the Daily lilies and Lily turf
 added more brick along the boarder....
This beast of a plant came in wild, I left it to see what it turned into....
 it closes its leaves at night around its flower, its about 3ft tall and wide now
The nice folks at Swansons Nursery identified it as a Woodland Flowering Tobacco plant.
It's quite the center of attention right now!

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