Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Winteizing Tropicals in the Garden: PART 2 gardening zone 7b -zone 9

I just raked up some leaves from neighbors house to use as mulch, (Thanks for the leaves George!)
I put a layer beneath the Bananas to keep the bases warmer, right night nighttime temps are in the upper 40's
Since this banana gave off 6 pups this year and they all are about 6-7ft tall, I'm going to need chicken wire to make a frame around them...(more on that later)
No... onto "Cold Hardy" Palms!
I have a few Palms in our gardens, Date Palms and Windmill Palms, 
They will also die if you don't protect from the cold, I'm preparing for a cold, long winter, since we haven't had one for awhile in the Seattle area.
You want to protect the bases and roots of them, most of mine are in pots so they will get cold really fast.
I start by digging out my old burlap coffee bags and some sticks, posts or small fencing.
I cut the top off the burlap to make a tube, put it over the pot and add the sticks, since its not so cold yet, I leave the palms uncovered and as is, once temps reach into the 30's I will add mulch and cover, I do this now just in case we get a surprise cold spell I can at least pull the burlap over them temporarily.

 you still want them to get water (rain) so be sure to leave the tops open like this

on the taller pots I pulled the burlap down over the pots for now to keep the soil and roots warmer.

 the small palm in the green pot, above, will move to the covered front deck with just a small burlap bag covering the pot, it will have enough protection on the deck. The other pots are just to heavy and large to move. I will post more on these as the temps drop! 
Stay Tuned!

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