Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Winterizing Cold Hardy Banana Trees: Step 2

So we got the leaves cut off and the stalks wrapped up in Bubble wrap,
Now get your chicken wire, make a ring around the base
again, Vinnie was a great helper.... (not really)
Start filling the base with your mulch, I'm using the leaves I collected from my neighbors, last year I used straw but I didn't buy any this year.
 Secure the ring of chicken wire together at the ends so its sturdy.
next, make another ring higher up, you want to go as tall as the stalks, secure the edges again.
Fill with your leaves or straw, in this case (above) I just ran out of leaves and chicken wire, so I'm temporarily covering the bubble wrapped stalks with my paper and plastic bags I had collected the leaves in until I get more supplies.
Same here...
I need to add more chicken wire to both to make it the correct height and add more leaves or straw, 
I will leave the bags on top of the stalks but will stuff them so the stalks are fully covered in the leaves or straw,
Off to the store to buy more supplies!
Stay tuned!
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